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How To Get Started With Two In Cloth Nappies


As you may tell from this video, I could possibly talk about using cloth nappies all day. Whether you have twins or two children v. close in age, and are thinking about going reusable, this video is for you. I’m sharing a few tips that I’ve learnt along the way, plus showing a bit of…

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Slow Down, Mama!


Sometimes, the world is going too fast and I want to get off. A lot has happened since becoming a mother. Most of it within my Self. Bits sloughed off, bits coming back up for healing work, re-membering, re-structuring…things lying dormant that motherhood seems to have brought into my consciousness awareness. I know I’m not…

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How To Make Dukkha


In this video I’m making Dukkha from a recipe in the Nourishing Newborn Mothers cookbook. Buy it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nourishing-Newborn-Mothers-Ayurvedic-childbirth/dp/0648343103/ Join Our Facebook Community If you:- Are a first-time mum and want support to get off to the best start- Are pregnant with your second or subsequent child and want to do things differently this time-…

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Five Reasons To Join Our Facebook Community

Did you know we have a new Facebook Community? Here are five reasons why you might want to join us: Support & reassurance We all have those times where we have a wobble, both before and after baby arrives. Sometimes you just need to ask a question or just vent! This is a place where…

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Postpartum Recovery Tips Series – Caring For Your Body After Birth

Postpartum Recovery Tips - Caring for your body

In the first part of this video I’m on about: – Resting after birth – Bleeding & cramping – Caring for tears & the bottle you need to have by the loo! – The dreaded first poop… RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THS VID: Reusable pads for postpartum bleeding: https://www.bloomandnora.com/collections/bloomers/products/bloomers-mighty-3-pack-boudoir In the second part of this video…

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Episode 7: Hiring Help After Birth


In this episode, I’m discussing hiring in help for after baby is born – why you might want to (even if you can do it yourself!); some of the different types of help you can hire; and also some thoughts on how much it costs to do so. Hiring Help After Birth – Related Posts…

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Why do mothers lose their identity?

why do mothers lose their identity

Loss of identity after becoming a mother is more common than we think. If we look at a fairly typical situation, like a woman who has spent maybe 5-10 years in the workplace and then transitioned to staying at home for the first year(ish) with her new baby, it can probably be easily understood that…

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Postpartum Recovery Tips Series – Talking about Mental Health

Postpartum Recovery Tips - Talking about Mental Health

In the first half of this video, I’m talking about some of the ways your mental health can be affected after having a baby; plus: Although it’s a really vulnerable time in our lives where it’s so important to connect with others and seek help – it can actually be one of the hardest things…

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The Best Online Resources for Postpartum Support

The Best Online Resources for Postpartum Support

Whether you have recently had a baby and you’re aware there’s some gaps in your support network, or you’re getting organised for support before baby arrives, you can find a lot of the contacts and information you need online. However, in this ‘expert’ culture we currently live in, more and more people are putting things…

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