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Postpartum Wellness

Slow Down, Mama!


Sometimes, the world is going too fast and I want to get off. A lot has happened since becoming a mother. Most of it within my Self. Bits sloughed off, bits coming back up for healing work, re-membering, re-structuring…things lying dormant that motherhood seems to have brought into my consciousness awareness. I know I’m not…

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How To Make Dukkha


In this video I’m making Dukkha from a recipe in the Nourishing Newborn Mothers cookbook. Buy it here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nourishing-Newborn-Mothers-Ayurvedic-childbirth/dp/0648343103/ Join Our Facebook Community If you:- Are a first-time mum and want support to get off to the best start- Are pregnant with your second or subsequent child and want to do things differently this time-…

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Postpartum Recovery Tips Series – Caring For Your Body After Birth

Postpartum Recovery Tips - Caring for your body

In the first part of this video I’m on about: – Resting after birth – Bleeding & cramping – Caring for tears & the bottle you need to have by the loo! – The dreaded first poop… RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THS VID: Reusable pads for postpartum bleeding: https://www.bloomandnora.com/collections/bloomers/products/bloomers-mighty-3-pack-boudoir In the second part of this video…

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