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Postpartum Recovery Tips - Talking about Mental Health

Postpartum Recovery Tips Series – Talking about Mental Health

In the first half of this video, I'm talking about some of the ways your mental health can be affected after having a baby; plus:

  • Although it's a really vulnerable time in our lives where it's so important to connect with others and seek help - it can actually be one of the hardest things to do.
  • How mindfulness techniques can help during the early days
  • That 'I can do anything/everything' feeling a lot of new mums have in the first couple of days

In the second half of the Talking About Mental Health video, I'm talking about some of the thoughts and ideas around shame, which is something that you might be familiar with through the work of Brene Brown.


  • Feeling of failure and 'not doing it right'; and how they're linked to feelings of shame
  • The difference between guilt and shame
  • The ways shame affects us via internal thoughts and also external defensive/attacking behaviours
  • How to begin to experience the antidote to shame - empathy & self-compassion
  • The power of women's circles and finding the right people to be vulnerable with