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Feeling isolated and overwhelmed?

Online Postpartum Support

  • Regular online calls and resources

  • Available anywhere

  • Support free from judgement, expectations & 'experts'


Why Online Support for Postpartum?

It can be tricky nowadays to find your 'village'  - especially when relocating to a new locality, or due to strained family relationships and dynamics.

The Online Package of postpartum support allows you to access many of the resources and support offered from an in-home visit at an affordable price.

I'll check in with you via video call on a weekly basis, as well as sharing my go-to resources to help you start life with your little one full of peace and joy.

The Online Package

This package includes one prenatal video call (approx 1 hour) & 6x weekly one-hour postpartum video calls.

Here's a look at some things I can support you with:

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Personalised Postpartum Care Plan

We'll cover this on the first call to set you up for peace & joy when baby arrives.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Help with building your 'village'

Finding other specialist and/or local support for you.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Access to online ebooks, videos & resources

My library of postpartum goodies!

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Email support for 6 weeks

Access to my priority email inbox for support between calls.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Meal Planning

We'll plan some postpartum meals you'd like, then I'll email you a shopping list (you just need to provide the cook!)

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Breastfeeding Support

I've breastfed, combi-fed, and expressed for a preemie; so these are particular areas I can support you.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Emotional Support

& listening within a safe & confidential space. 

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Birth Story Processing

Holding space, whatever your story.

You can download the Price Guide at the bottom of this page, or book in for a free online consultation with me here:


Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions about Online Support:

Have more questions? Get in touch with me or keep your eyes peeled for local & online talks/workshops.

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