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Motherhood & Identity

Slow Down, Mama!


Sometimes, the world is going too fast and I want to get off. A lot has happened since becoming a mother. Most of it within my Self. Bits sloughed off, bits coming back up for healing work, re-membering, re-structuring…things lying dormant that motherhood seems to have brought into my consciousness awareness. I know I’m not…

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Episode 6 – How To Rediscover Yourself In Motherhood


Entering motherhood and encountering a loss of identity is much more common than we think. Our identity can shift and change alongside the early days of motherhood – so when that ‘newborn fog’ starts to lift, we’re left trying to figure out who we actually are now. In this episode I’m discussing: – Why mothers…

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Why do mothers lose their identity?

why do mothers lose their identity

Loss of identity after becoming a mother is more common than we think. If we look at a fairly typical situation, like a woman who has spent maybe 5-10 years in the workplace and then transitioned to staying at home for the first year(ish) with her new baby, it can probably be easily understood that…

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