Did you know we have a new Facebook Community? Here are five reasons why you might want to join us:

Support & reassurance

We all have those times where we have a wobble, both before and after baby arrives. Sometimes you just need to ask a question or just vent! This is a place where we can be honest about the messy parts of motherhood.

Connecting with women who are going through a similar stage/journey to you

Other amazing mamas who are at the same stage of motherhood as you. Others who are going through the internal and external paths of self-development, identity changes and working with their own Shadow energy. Others who are choosing to do things a little differently. We are inclusive.

Combat loneliness

Motherhood can be an incredibly paradoxical experience, and loneliness often makes up a good part of that spectrum. We want to bring women together so they feel as if they have found their 'tribe'. We don't want you to feel isolated when you don't need or want to be.

Support building your own village

Many mamas come here doing motherhood on little to no support. We don't all have families, partners, friends to support us in the way we need, or support us consistently. We can't wave a magic wand, but we can support you in looking for alternative ways to build your village.

Exclusive content

Finally, the Facebook community is a place where we share things that you won't find on the Facebook Page; so for example Live Q&A's, events, exclusive offers etc. Some of these will be accessible by signing up to the fortnightly newsletter too. To be blatantly honest, I don't have much extra energy and time to put into posting and constantly being on the Facebook Page right now with another business and 2 very young children - so my focus for EMN in 2020 will be the group.

So yeah, if this all resonates with you come join us using the button below.

Join Our Facebook Community

If you:

- Are a first-time mum and want support to get off to the best start
- Are pregnant with your second or subsequent child and want to do things differently this time
- Maybe struggled with aspects before and know you need support to avoid struggling again
- Have a minimal support network
- Busy balancing children and working life or on maternity leave and booked up with baby groups!

Then join our supportive online community - all mamas welcome.