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What if you don't have to do it all?

In-Home Support

I offer postpartum doula services through the South Lakes/North Lancs area. Below you can find out a bit more about the packages I offer to support you in your own home, as well as some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why have postpartum support?

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It doesn’t matter whether your baby was early, on-time or late; whether you had a straightforward pregnancy and birth or there were complications; whether you have a partner to help or you’re a single mum.

We're not meant to struggle through this alone.

The 'villages' and communities that supported & nurtured not only the emerging new life, but also the emerging new mother are all but gone.

Many of us come out of the other side of our birth experiences feeling like we've been hit by a car. We're trying to get our head around the physical changes, and society's telling us to 'bounce back' to normal. Whatever that is.

Mental health issues such as postnatal depression are majorly on the increase, regardless of gender.

But it doesn't have to be like this.

We might not be able to get the villages of the past back, but we're building new ones.

Postpartum support isn’t something just reserved for your first baby either - in fact it often happens that second or third time mums will seek out extra support because they didn’t have an enjoyable postpartum the first time around.

Below you'll find details of a couple of in-home support packages I offer. Together we can redefine postpartum.

After birth, there is a sacred window of time. A time for complete rejuvenation of a woman’s physical, mental and spiritual health, a time for deep, extended bonding with her newborn. The first 40 days after birth set the stage for her next 40 years.” 

Ysha Oakes

The Peaceful Postpartum Package

This package includes one prenatal visit (approx 1 hour) & 6x three-hour postpartum home visits.

Packages are adaptable to suit your needs - so each visit will look different. Here's a look at some of the areas I can support you with when I visit:

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Personalised Postpartum Care Plan

We'll cover this on the first visit to set you up for peace & joy when baby arrives.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Help with building your 'village'

Finding other specialist and/or local support for you.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Practical Home Support

Light housework, dishes/laundry, feeding/walking the pets etc.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Sibling Care

Helping out with any other young children at home and keeping them entertained!

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Email/Messenger support for 12 weeks

Access to my priority email inbox for support between calls.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Birth Story Processing

Holding space, whatever your story.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Cooking/Meal prep

We'll plan some postpartum meals you'd like, and I'll cook them on my visits.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Massage & Relaxation

We'll cover self-massage & intuitive baby massage too; and I can add crystals/Reiki to any massage.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Breastfeeding Support

I've breastfed, combi-fed, and expressed for a preemie; so these are particular areas I can support you.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Emotional Support

& listening within a safe & confidential space. 

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Belly binding lesson

Physical support that's comfortable too.

EMP Mother & Child CMYK

Access to my list of local holistic health professionals

You'll also receive the following:


12 months membership to the EMN Circle (worth £84)

Automatic enrollment into our support group for new mamas

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Your Postpartum Gift Pack (worth £60)

This includes a number of Weleda Mother & Baby products to get you both off to a great start, as well as a recipe book 

You can download the Price Guide at the bottom of this page, or book in for a free consultation with me here:

Payment plans available

The One-Off Package

If you've already had your baby or they've come earlier than expected, the One-Off Package is for you!

Whatever the circumstances, this package is adaptable to fit your needs - but generally it includes:

  • One 3-hour visit at home (I can try to arrange a visit to you if you're 'rooming in' at the Lancaster NNU, but this would be a shorter visit)
  • Bodywork including instruction on self-massage & intuitive baby massage
  • Home-cooked food & herbal tea
  • A tailor-made mix of practical & emotional support as outlined above
  • Email/Messenger support for 4 weeks

We can also include crystal healing and/or Reiki treatment in with any massage - and I can recommend some crystals for you. Just let me know when booking if this is something you would like!


Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions about In-Home Support:

Have more questions? Get in touch with me or keep your eyes peeled for local & online talks/workshops.

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