Entering motherhood and encountering a loss of identity is much more common than we think.

Our identity can shift and change alongside the early days of motherhood - so when that 'newborn fog' starts to lift, we're left trying to figure out who we actually are now.

In this episode I'm discussing:

- Why mothers lose their identity

- Some tips on how we can rediscover our emerging selves

If you'd prefer to read the blog post, you can find it here: Why do mothers lose their identity?


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  1. […] On the subject of maternal mental health, something that can really affect this after the birth of a baby is a loss of identity and feeling disconnected from who you currently are. To read more about motherhood and identity, check out Why Do Mothers Lose Their Identity? or listen to Episode 6 of the Podcast – How To Rediscover Yourself In Motherhood. […]