how much does a postpartum doula cost

How much does a postpartum doula cost?

If you’re currently pregnant and planning for your birth and postpartum, you may be considering hiring a postpartum doula to support you.  Once you’ve found one or two prospective postpartum doulas, it’s likely that they sound like just the sort of thing you need – but the question is, how much does a postpartum doula…

What is the difference between a birth doula and a postpartum doula?

You’re probably already familiar with the concept of a doula – they’ve started to move more into the mainstream and several famous faces (including the Duchess of Sussex) have talked about their plans to use a doula. However, there are a couple of different types of doula work and services that you can hire to…

Episode 1 – Why do new mothers benefit from postpartum support?

In the very first episode of the Empowered Mothers Network Podcast, I’m discussing some of the reasons that new mothers benefit from postpartum support – regardless of their background or birth.   Are you preparing for the birth of your baby? Download ‘Seven tips on building your postpartum support network’ to help you feel supported…

When does Two Under Two get easier?

If you’re in the same boat, this is probably one of the questions you’ve been crazy-googling in the middle of the night. It’s certainly a full-on club to be in…some members only have two under two for a couple of weeks or months, and some are in it for the long haul…! With babies 13…

Remembering on Maternal Mental Health Week

Today, in the middle of #maternalmentalhealthweek is a day I will always remember. I was 28 weeks pregnant and had been told the 20 week scan I had Placenta Previa – everyone seemed quite calm about it because most of the time the placenta moves out the way. I’d already had a minor bleed but…

Becoming the person you want to be

“To live is to change” John Henry Newman Nothing really stays the same. However, there are a few stages in life where we encounter larger changes, such as becoming a husband or wife, a major career change or the passing of someone close to us. But if you’re here reading this, it’s likely that you’re…

When Pregnancy Doesn’t Go As Planned

There’s no doubt about it; pregnancy is bloody amazing. There are the good bits (feeling a mini person moving around inside you, ‘glowing’ with wonderful glossy hair and nails, being able to eat what the chuff you want); and the annoying bits (feeling a mini person kick the shit out of your bladder/stomach/guts, heartburn, sickness,…

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