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Sarah Tomlinson


I’m Sarah, the founder of Empowered Mothers Network. I set up EMN at the end of 2018 during maternity leave with my second daughter. It was at this time that I took some postpartum doula training with Newborn Mothers, as I felt that helping other new mums (and especially those with little support) was part of my calling.

Becoming a mother was the thing I had wanted most for years, but it hit me hard - 2 babies in the space of 13 months; one premature, and one Home Birth After Cesarean; a beautifully intense little soul who just cried and cried for months.

I studied in the moments my baby settled on me. I learnt all about the massive brain changes that take place within the new mother, and also how to nurture and support her so that she can concentrate on this amazing time of transformation and becoming the mother she wants to be.

I've also trained in massage, am a Reiki Master practitioner & have a Diploma in Crystal Therapy (so if you love the 'woo woo' stuff we can totally add that into your package!)


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If You Have...

  • Moved to a new area, friends and family are far away
  • Previously had mental health issues during postpartum
  • Unhealthy family relationships that aren’t nurturing or supportive
  • A likelihood of baby/s being born early (before 36 weeks)
  • A particularly difficult pregnancy
  • Become a mother after trying for many years (perhaps after successful fertility treatment)

...then why not set up a ‘doula date’ with me to see if I’m the right person for you? Check out the Services pages, or...

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